About Baubo Care

Menopause is a natural but sometimes confusing phase. This is why we are building Baubo Care. A platform that helps you to live through menopause in a positive way and on your terms.

Baubo Care will take you by the hand, help you recognize your symptoms and provide techniques and resources to help ease the discomfort. At the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with fellow women, at a similar stage in their lives, to exchange knowledge, support each other and grow together.

Our brand was inspired by Baubo, the Greek goddess of mirth, often represented by a mature, wise woman or female parts. Baubo has a fun, free-spirited personality and doesn't take herself too seriously. She helped fellow goddess Demeter in a moment of distress by making her laugh.

Baubo reminds us of the 1 billion goddesses out there going through the menopausal transition every year and who want to live their best life through it. And like Baubo, our platform aims at being that fellow goddess that helps you go through this new (often confusing) stage so you can live it positively.

Our team

Melissa Romero

Co-founder & CEO

Ex- P&G 10 yrs in consumer goods
D&I Advocate: Founder Lean In NL

Mirna Sevilla

Head of Operations

Sr. Business analyst
8 yrs ex- Oracle

Anton Tuyakhov

Co-founder & CTO

10+ yrs in software engineering
Medical Degree

Join Us

Baubo Care is at an early stage, still under development. We strongly believe that the voice of women going through the menopause transition is key to achieving Baubo Care’s mission: to accompany and empower women to experience menopause in their own terms. Hence, we are open to co-creation, please come forward and talk to us, Baubo Care is for you.

We are looking for:

  • Professional experts in the field of menopause to act as our advisors and help us make of Baubo Care a trust worthy platform for the women already struggling and the ones to come.
  • Women going through the menopause transition, who want to help us build Baubo Care. We want to know about your experience, your needs, your frustrations, your solutions.

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